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A 28 day roadmap to flourishing

The Wellbeing Playbook is a 28-day program of evidence-based activities scientifically proven to have a positive impact on different aspects of whole-person wellbeing. We created the Wellbeing Playbook as part of our desire to translate the research behind wellbeing into a series of practical and engaging activities that people can turn into habits in their daily life.

The Playbook design is based on some key underlying principles. We recognise that people live their lives holistically and so the activities span across different wellbeing domains with a focus on a “bio-psycho-social” approach. We also know that our wellbeing can change and that the skills for flourishing can make an impact – whether we are already feeling good or when we might not be feeling great.

Central to the Playbook approach is the knowledge that flourishing skills can be developed and underpin our wellbeing. Finally, we know that people are much more likely to undertake actions when they make choices that are aligned to their values.

The Wellbeing Playbook is supported by a comprehensive learning program that enables wellbeing professionals, educators, community, sport and business leaders to share the Playbook with groups of people as part of their broader wellbeing strategy.

Choices and skills underpin wellbeing

Each week of the wellbeing playbook is organised into 4 blocks with 7 daily activities that build new skills in the areas of:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-care
  • Authenticity
  • Connections

After trying the 28 daily activities, people can then choose the activities that resonated most and then take them forward as wellbeing habits.

The Wellbeing Playbook has been road tested in schools, teams, workplaces and communities. We have developed an adult version and a youth version, and we know people of all ages love it.

What we also know is that it has the Wellbeing Playbook has the greatest impact when it is led by a passionate and skilled wellbeing advocate and delivered as part of a group, team, or organisation. That is why we’ve developed a Certification Program that provides the learning, skills, and resources to deliver a high-quality experience.

The Playbook is organised into 4 x 7-day blocks:

Image of person reflecting to learn more about themselves in Wellbeing Playbook program
Image representing taking care of yourself for personal wellbeing
Image to represent people to be themselves for wellbeing
Image representing people sharing themselves in a group

To find out about our Wellbeing Playbook facilitator training, get in touch.

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“The wellbeing playbook is the perfect tool to guide discussions and expose the youth athletes I coach to the protective skills that lead to flourishing”.

– Shaun Street, Wellbeing Science Institute Coach

Knowing is not enough - we must apply. Willing is not enough - we must do.

- Goethe

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