Certificate IV Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management

10654NAT – Course Overview

Get qualified as an Elite Athlete Wellbeing Specialist.

The world’s first qualification in elite athlete wellbeing and Australia’s first and only recognised training course will allow you to turn your passion for elite sport and wellbeing into a rewarding career. Join professionals from the NRL and other elite sporting codes on this ground-breaking course.

About the course

The Course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools that will make you a stand-out when working with elite athletes and sporting organisations. By focusing on wellbeing from a holistic, developmental and positive perspective, it will enable you to confidently take action to help people move towards their whole person potential.

The course content is drawn from a range of disciplines including Health Sciences, Positive Psychology, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Leadership, Career Development and Personal Coaching. A key part of the course is training in the use of the unique tools and processes developed specifically to assess, develop and monitor elite athlete wellbeing. You will learn how to develop customised wellbeing plans for elite athletes, coaches and officials.

The course also has a strong emphasis on your personal development and wellbeing to enable you to role model the very practices and behaviours that will lead to positive elite athlete wellbeing outcomes.

The Wellbeing Science Institute is the only provider of the Certificate IV in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management. A qualification in this course provides Employers with the confidence that you are equipped with the latest knowledge, skills and tools in elite athlete wellbeing.

Who should attend?

The Program is specifically designed for individuals and groups who have responsibility for the wellbeing of elite/professional athletes, coaches and officials.

Because of its personal and organisational orientation, the program will have strong relevance for athlete wellbeing officers, professional development managers, coaches, athlete managers/agents, club and sport organisation representatives and officials.

2021 / 2022 course dates

Our courses are offered as a first-come-first-serve basis. Apply now to secure your spot.

2022 Australia Intake 1 (Virtual)

2022 United Kingdom / Europe (Virtual & On-campus)

Cohort 1

Cohort 2

How to apply

Interested in our program and becoming a leader in your field that inspires others to achieve their wellbeing goals? To learn more about the Course, or to apply, we’d love to hear from you.

Building confidence and capability

It’s one thing to say you’re passionate about wellbeing, it’s quite another to make a commitment to becoming an elite athlete wellbeing professional.

Here from some of our participants that made a commitment to becoming an elite athlete wellbeing professional.