Wellbeing Science Institute


Using the science of wellbeing to create

flourishing learning environments

Through the science of wellbeing, and in particular the work of luminaries such as Barbara Fredrickson (Broaden and Build Theory), Martin Seligman (Positive Psychology) and Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset) we know the impact that wellbeing has on learning. The skills of flourishing not only deliver wellbeing outcomes but also create the foundation for learning.

A focus on the individual is important but the real impact comes when Education leaders take a systems approach to designing learning environments that integrate wellbeing and focus on developing the skills of flourishing to unlock the potential of students and create a platform for lifelong learning and wellbeing.

Educational institutions and community groups that are following the research in this space are realising that a developmental and proactive approach to wellbeing, that transfers real skills and knowledge is making positive wellbeing outcomes a reality at the individual, organisational and community levels.

Translating the science into

practical tools for flourishing

Our work with partners in the youth, community and education sectors is characterised by practical solutions that focus on transferring wellbeing skills and knowledge in an engaging and empowering way.

We are proud of our evidence-based solutions like Wellbeing in a Box and the Youth Version of our Wellbeing Playbook. Through our comprehensive facilitator development and certification programs we ensure that educators and community leaders are equipped and empowered to deliver our wellbeing solutions for sustainable and measurable impact.

If you’re ready to put the science of wellbeing into action in schools, educational institutions, and communities, we’re ready too.

Wellbeing in a Box iPad view