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Participate in The Wellbeing Playbook 28 day program for free

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If you’re interested in giving your wellbeing a real boost then you’ll love the Wellbeing Playbook.

The Wellbeing Playbook is a 28 day program of evidence-based activities scientifically proven to have a positive impact on different aspects of whole-person wellbeing. For the first time we’re offering you access to the Wellbeing Playbook, absolutely free – no strings attached.

What’s Involved?

The Wellbeing Playbook runs for 28 days and commences on 1st September 2021.

Wellbeing happens when we move toward our whole person potential and are able to live our lives in alignment with our true values. Living our lives in this way not only provides us with an incredible sense of meaning and purpose but also provides us with a true source of cultural and psychological motivation.

In essence this playbook is an invitation to help you to create a roadmap for your wellbeing. By following this roadmap we hope that it will enhance your self-awareness, improve your self-care and enable you to authentically move toward more of the people, connections and experiences that really matter to you.

The Wellbeing Playbook is divided into 4 weekly themes:

  • Week 1 – Self-awareness
  • Week 2 – Self-care
  • Week 3 – Authenticity
  • Week 4 – Connection

Each day you’ll receive 1 activity to your email to complete that will have a positive impact on your wellbeing. At the end of each week we’ll ask you to decide which activities worked best for you and which ones you’d like to keep doing. At the end of the 28 days you’ll choose 2 activities from each week that had the greatest impact, to carry forward. The only condition of participating in the Program is that you must agree to complete the 2 surveys, one before you start the program and one once you have finished the program and all 28 activities.

To sign up for The Wellbeing Playbook simply click Register Now. Registrations for the free access have now closed, however, if you are interested in accessing The Wellbeing Playbook, please get in touch!