Wellbeing Science Institute

Elite Athlete Wellbeing Course now available online across Europe.

Wellbeing Science Institute is excited to launch a new online version of their World-Class Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management Course in Europe as part of their partnership with Loughborough Sport.

The Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management Course which began in Australia in 2017 is the first program of its kind in the world and has a track record of success with some of the leading elite sport organisations around the world. It comprehensively equips participants with the knowledge and skills to move beyond traditional player care approaches into the holistic, developmental aspects of whole-person wellbeing. Grounded in the latest neuroscience, the course addresses topics such as sleep, recovery from injury, psychological wellbeing, positive mental health, positive relationships, culture and spirituality, as well as dual-career strategies, transitions and financial wellbeing.

This next iteration of the Course maintains the quality and integrity of the learning content and builds on the innovative learning design that is a trademark of the Wellbeing Science Institute approach. 

Steve Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at the Wellbeing Science Institute said

“We knew there is strong demand for a fully online course to accommodate challenging work schedules in sport and to enable professionals from European sporting organisations to complete the Course and join our growing global community. 

But we also knew that an online offering would need to continue to provide the learning in an engaging way and ensure participants still had the opportunity to collaborate and connect.”

The team at the Wellbeing Science Institute have designed an online version of the course that they are confident delivers the same deep immersive learning experience and networking opportunities as earlier versions, with the added flexibility that allows elite sport professionals to continue learning within the reality of their demanding work schedules.

Steve explains more about this combination of ‘asynchronous’ and ‘synchronous’ online learning.

“We know that the richness and robustness of the learning experience also comes from the social interaction between peers to collaborate and translate the learning into practical fit-for-purpose wellbeing solutions.  

The ‘asynchronous’ aspect provides the flexibility for professionals to learn at a time that works for them, but importantly the online design still provides an avenue for people to collaborate on tasks that are anchored in the practical challenges of elite sporting teams and organisations.  And of course, the ‘synchronous’ aspect is where peers join virtual learning workshops to build on their learning and deepen their connections with the broader cohort.”
The new online course – a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning.

The online course for European professionals will commence in April 2023 with two separate opportunities for enrolment and both the Wellbeing Science Institute and Loughborough Sport continue to look at opportunities to innovate and deliver value-adding experiences for this growing community of elite sport wellbeing professionals.