Wellbeing Science Institute

Certificate IV Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management


How to apply

Interested in our program and becoming a leader in your field that inspires others to achieve their wellbeing goals? To apply, simply fill out the form below and a team member from Wellbeing Science Institute will be in contact.


First preference will be given to those who are currently working in elite or professional sport.

We strongly believe that the current need in elite and professional sport is significant. Therefore, our goal is to equip those individuals currently working with elite athletes, coaches and officials with the knowledge, skills and capability to deliver information, transfer skills and build capabilities that are holistic, developmental and achieve positive wellbeing outcomes.

Participants must be over 21 years of age; and meet at least two of the entry requirements outlined below:

  1. Certificate II and above in the Sport, Fitness and Recreation Industry; Certificate IV in Career Development; Certificate II or above in Counselling;
  2. and/or at least 12 months’ employment as an athlete welfare/wellbeing manager or similar role
  3. or comparable work/life experience.

Please note, if the above does not apply to you but you are still interested in this course please email [email protected] and we can arrange a one-on-one time to discuss your background and aspirations.