Wellbeing Science Institute

Our Story

Our vision is to

Empower people with wellbeing skills – for life

When we started the Wellbeing Science institute we wanted to democratise wellbeing, so everyone who was interested, could have access to positive and protective wellbeing knowledge and skills.

While many people were focused on a pathogenic (disease) approach to wellbeing, we chose a different path.

We believe in the benefits of a solutogenic (positive and protective) approach to wellbeing. This has been a consistent theme of the work we do.

We help individuals, organisations and communities make sense of their wellbeing through an evidence-based approach and develop knowledge and skills that will be useful to them.

Our belief is that a self-determined (intrinsic) approach to wellbeing is the best source of motivation, engagement and commitment.

We approach wellbeing from a whole-person perspective but are ever mindful about the importance of context and anchoring our work in peoples’ real worlds. Our work is grounded in self-determination, supported by positive psychology and solution focused coaching. These evidence based approaches help the people we work with maximise their personal growth initiative.

Put simply, our story is about providing the opportunity for more people to grow and flourish.

We hope it’s a story that appeals to you, too.

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