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National Integrity Framework: A safe, fair and healthy sporting environment


The National Integrity Framework takes a proactive approach to mitigate integrity threats to sports and provide a safe, fair and healthy environment for participants at all levels of sport.

The Framework is a streamlined suite of policies that sets out the broad expectations for the conduct of all participants in sport. These expectations relate to safeguarding children, member protection, competition manipulation and sports wagering, and the misuse of drugs and medicines.

The Framework also includes the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy. This policy outlines the procedures for managing, reporting, assessing and determining potential breaches of the integrity policies contained in the Framework. Under this policy, Sport Integrity Australia will undertake the independent complaint assessment and review process.


The National Integrity Framework document introduces the Framework and outlines the elements that apply to all policies within the Framework, such as definitions, jurisdiction and the responsibility of National Sporting Organisations in relation to managing the framework.

A National Sporting Organisation is required to put in place practices to enable it to manage the application and implementation of the National Integrity Framework. This includes appointing an Integrity Unit or Integrity Manager, and Complaints Manager (as per the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy).

It also sets out requirements and responsibilities of the National Sporting Organisation in relation to binding members, volunteers and contractors to the framework, the recruitment of employees, contractors and volunteers, education and promotion of the framework, and reporting policy breaches to Sport Integrity Australia and other agencies.

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